Projects Completed

medical tourism: India & Thailand- a comparative analysis

The cost of medical treatment is comparatively high in the western world than the third world countries, where a patient is getting world class treatment at the third world cost, this project analyses the potential market for medical tourism in India and Thailand and a comparative analysis is made between the two countries to identify which country is attractive and advantageous for a medical tourist

e-Tailing: Emerging online markets-India & China -A Comparative Analysis

This study analyses the emerging online markets popularly called as e-tailing/e-Retailing. This will discuss the difference between the traditional retailing and online retailing. It also depicts the growth of the online market in India and China which shows the need for going online for the traditional retailers.

Impact of International Trade on Economy- India & Canada

The western world's policies were associated with liberalization & privatization that they have been practicing for a long time and the Asian countries started the similar policies at a later period. India moved from controls to liberalization and the process started from 1990-1991 at a slow pace initially and later made policies that started catching up with the globalization existing elsewhere. This study analyses the economic growth patterns of Canada and India depending on the performance of GDP, analysis of the composition of various sectors namely Agriculture, Industry & Service.

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) in Retail Sector:India and China-A comparative analysis

This study analyses the evolution of retailing industry in India and China and examines the FDI policy relating to retailing in both the countries. This study also describes the benefits of FDI in retailing and the FDI procedures. A comparative study of retailing Industry in India and China gives the picture of retailing in both the countries. It also gives insights for the FDI policy makers regarding retailing in both the countries.

Green marketing strategies & challenges-An analysis of attitudes & behaviour of Indian consumers towards green products

Green marketing is the mantra of today's business game, since there is growing awareness about the implications of global warming, non-biodegradable solid waste, harmful impact of pollutants which made marketers and consumers increasingly sensitive to the need for switching into green products & services. This study on green marketing strategy focuses on challenges faced by marketers. The study gives the comprehensive picture of attitude and behaviour of Indian consumers towards green products.

A Study on Loyalty Programs to Patronize a Customer-Special emphasis on Indian scenario

As the customer's needs are changing dynamically there is a need for change in marketing process, which has given rise to a new concept of marketing called Relationship Marketing, which has evolved from its traditional marketing to a most promising relationship marketing. The industry dynamics are also changing because of the globalization, opening up of economy, and many players entering into the market, the situation is to compete or perish which has given rise to the need for retaining the customers. Marketers have designed new strategies to retain the customers and to maintain good relationship with them. This study is focused on loyalty programs used by business firms in India to patronize customers

Viral Marketing-A Strategic Tool

The viral marketing works on the principle of word-of-mouth publicity, which is also called as buzz marketing or wildfire marketing which has the potential to replicate exponentially like virus or spread like wildfire among the consumers to spread the advertising message. This project studies the various viral marketing activities used by business firms in the world to spread the advertising message

Analysis of emerging markets (BRIC)

Goldman Sachs, an investment bank, coined the acronym 'BRICs' to describe the big, fast-growing emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China that would be the top picks for global investment capital. This study analyses the FDI inflow into the BRIC countries and also studies the investment scenario in these countries through PEST Analysis.