Energy Efficiency Management-Assessment of Energy Use in Bangalore City

The study has been designed to present a quick, first-cut, sectoral analysis on Bangalore city energy use. This assessment framework prioritizes sectors with significant energy savings potential and identifies contextualized and reasoned energy efficiency interventions.This study uses TRACE - Tool for the Rapid Assessment of City Energy

The study covers energy efficiency across six sectors in Bangalore, Organisational Management: Energy Efficiency Municipal Task Force;

1.Transport: Vehicle Emission Standards;

2.Waste: Waste Management Fuel Efficiency Standards;

3.Water and Wastewater: Demand Reduction Measures;

4.Power & Heat: District Cogeneration Network;

5.Public Lighting: Street Lighting Retrofit;

6.Buildings: Procurement Guidelines for Lighting.

The study involves Bangalore city energy benchmarking , prioritizing sectors which offer the greatest potential with respect to energy efficiency and recommends energy efficiency options. The study involves a series of sequential steps: from initial data gathering to a report containing a matrix of energy efficiency recommendations tailored to the Bangalore city's individual context, with implementation and financing options.